Active Social Media Users

Manage Your Reputation, Grow Your Practice, Get more patients


Healthcare providers should recognize that patients are using the Web as a source of medical and health information and should be prepared to offer suggestions for Web-based health resources and to assist patients in evaluating the quality of medical information available on the Internet.

Online reputation management and care provider reviews are more important than ever before with the usage of internet directories and social networks.


three third (72% percent) of patients use online doctor ratings and reviews as the first step when selecting a healthcare provider.

So start using your strongest patient relationships to build new ones.


First, we need to ensure that your practice or institution is reflecting the real image you want your patient to have about the quality of your services, we make sure that your online presence is authentic and healthy… we start by running an audit for online reputation to monitor all that others may publish or spread about your practice. This is should become a continuous task as we need to keep monitoring all mention of your name on the web and different social media profiles.


We also focus on Reviews. Because reviews are very important! We use a three steps strategy to help your institution ensure you’re getting better reviews.


– Easy access


Anyone on your team (not just the front office) can send your patients a text message with a link to review your practice. They can leave a review before they even walk out of your office, while they are still thinking about the great experience they just had.


– Intelligent guidance


We use a set of tools to help you decide which patients are most likely to not only write a review but which ones will leave a great one. Our tool will also help you evaluate their experience on an individual level.


– Push reviews across websites


Those positive patient satisfaction reviews aren’t very impactful if no one sees them.

We recommend adding a testimonial section on your website to maximize their impact and visibility.